Lindt The Season

Bookmark Content and Communications for Lindt Canada

Creative & Content Direction, Art Direction, Design

Enhancing the holiday season with the luxury of Lindt chocolates.

Lindt’s revamped holiday content and creative direction evolved Lindt the Season program to a more user friendly experience creating a fluid journey from print to digital. The inspiring stories offered useful decor, entertaining and recipe tips making the holiday season effortless, simple and all things Lindt.

Making Christmas memories new with Lindt.

Full 360º experience.

To enhance the digital experience all magazine assets were repurposed for web and social content with compelling additional layers. The evolution of the content gave the existing and new Lindt the Season print audience reason to visit the website and social channels for more shareable ideas and recipes with engaging video content.


Lindt Owns Christmas.

With unique holiday gifting ideas, modern nostalgic recipes, entertaining and decor content, Lindt offers the only chocolate for all your Christmas needs through an integrated print and digital program. Print content was adapted for social channels and responsive web design using  the campaign’s graphic and illustration elements to bring it to life.

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