Lindt Excellence

Bookmark Content
and Communications for
Lindt Canada

Creative Direction,
Art Directoin & Design

Establishing Lindt Excellence as the finest chocolate in the world.

In partnership with Bookmark Content and Communications, the Lindt Excellence website was relaunched with more robust custom content and a new sophisticated look that aligns to the trusted brand’s positioning as Lindt Chocolate’s most premium product. Social channel assets were redefined by the new creative direction for Classic and understated yet elegant, the overall tone and mood of truly reflect the level of quality and expertise that customers expect from Lindt Excellence.


lindt-digital-mockup 2lindt-digital-mockup 2

More reasons to buy.

By breathing new life into existing templates with effective graphic design and treatment, the redesigned has become the destination for immersive relevant content creating a community of brand ambassadors and providing more reasons to buy.


Conversion power.

3x more product pages were visited in the last half of 2017 vs. the first half.

Promotion click rate increased 1.15% vs 1.02%

Newsletter sign-up rate increased 0.27% vs. 0.17%

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